• Watch the following video for an overview of how to submit an assignment, then review the instructions below.

    When you've finished reading the instructions; try the practice activity below.

      Assignment Submission practice activity

    Login to your learnOnline course site.

    select assessment

    1. Click Assessment.
    2. Click Assignments.

    click assignment 

    1Click the assignment that you want to submit.

    click add submission

    1. Click the Add submission button.

    click checkbox

    1. Click the checkbox to agree to the Declaration of Originality.

    Upload File Option 1

    drag and drop file

    1. Drag and drop your assignment file onto the page.

    2. Click the Save changes button.

    Note: Wait until the file is fully uploaded before you click Save changes.

    Upload File Option 2

    click file picker

    1. Click the file picker icon.

    click choose file

    1. Click the Choose File button.

    select file

    1. Navigate to your assignment file.

    2. Double-click the file to select it.

    click upload this file

    1. Click the Upload this file button.

    click save changes

    1. Click the Save changes button.

    Note: Wait until the file is fully uploaded before you click Save changes.

    upload success indicators

    The file upload is successful when:

    1. The submission status displays Submitted for grading and
    2. The file is displayed in the File submissions section.

    edit submission

    If you've submitted the wrong file or need to resubmit an updated version of your assignment prior to the due date:

    1. Click the Edit submission button and start the upload process again.
      Note: You will be asked if you want to override the original file and you should confirm that you do.