• Turnitin is a tool that identifies levels of similarity between your writing and other student's assignments, as well as text found in published works such as  books, journal articles and webpages.

    All written assignments submitted to learnOnline are processed through Turnitin. It takes about 30 minutes (longer in peak periods) to generate the "Similarity Report". If you submit your assessment ahead of the due date, you can check how similar your work is to other sources. If your work is highly matched, you can then withdraw the assignment to make any necessary changes and resubmit the revised version.

    The Similarity Report can be accessed on your learnOnline course site with the same link you used to submit the assignment. The following screen will display.

    Screenshot showing the similarity percentage button under the submission.

    1. Once the Similarity Report is generated, the similarity figure will display beneath your assignment file submission.